Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stop the UTTP! Main Page

Hi, I'm Waluigi Fangirl! I am a member of The Anti UTTP and the VGCP. I decided to make a website about it so we could really stop the UTTP. (Youtube Troll Police)

Well, so why do we hate the UTTP so much?

  • They say that they are troll police, they are being trolls themselves actually!
  • They act like they are younger than me (I'm 11) when they are my age or possibly older than me!
  • They think they are cool, when they are actually really stupid!
  • I wish the UTTP never existed, SERIOUSLY!
And there are some simple reasons why I hate the UTTP! I might add more reasons soon.

VGCP Officers: Waluigi Fangirl (me), Hetalia Fangirl,  RegularShowFan2002, Dynasti Noble, etc.

UTTP Officers: Tommy Parky, Stephen Larson, Officer Blue, etc.

UTTP hate club #1: plus.google.com/communities/117517342321593048129

UTTP hate club #2: plus.google.com/communities/111057728897309263043

My Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/darthvader6200

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  1. UTTP is allied with the official Mercenaries of Dillon. We are all allies with Dillon the Hacker. Join our group, and become stronger than you could ever be. https://plus.google.com/communities/109749939298718029280

  2. Wow... You annoying UTTP... Trollers... FANS ARE ALREADY CRUSHING YOU GUYS

  3. Oh my gosh! I also have the same idea ( hi I am 12 BTW ), I was watching those and I said "what in the world?, Wow Kids these days, they let their puny mouths go blah blah blah in the internet, Wow! Just Wow!"

    This is true BTW and I Really hate the UTTP, hate it for like the whole universe can see... I hope you stopped it Cuz those kids needs to pay!

    MY google+ Name is Goldy Productions/ Prod and same goes to my channel

  4. Hmm... weird. Don't mind me. I just followed various links and somehow learned about this. Seems there's some sort of trolling turf war going on, is there? Well, I'll see myself out. :D