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Top 20 Worst Mario Party Minigames

Julia's back again!
I am a big fan of the Mario Party series. I have played all the parties except for 10, Island Tour, and Advance. If you're wondering... My favorite character is Waluigi with Wario being my second choice. Today I will show you my 20 WORST Mario Party Minigames.
Every Mario Party has at least one bad minigame. Either it's luck based, it involves spinning the Joystick, or you just absolutely suck at it! Here's my list! Don't be mad if a minigame you like is on this list! It's your opinion, okay? Note that I didn't make the videos...
20.Honeycomb Havoc (MP2)

Proof that just some simple math can screw people over and ruin friendships.

19.Slot Car Derby (MP1 and MP2)
Whenever I try to speed up, I end up spinning while the AIs are still going. Very frustrating.

18.Bowser Toss (MP3)

The controls are so awful! I never won it once in my life.

17.Crane Game (MP2)

When on a team, No matter how much I mash the A button, I always get in the pipe and what makes
it worse is that there's those clocks that extend time for the solo player to get the team.

16.Awful Tower (MP3)

The AI is godly at it, and it's hard to win it with the stupid hammer brothers!

15.Stage Fright (MP6)

It’s the reason why I’ll never beat Endurance Alley, and I can never win it when solo.

14.The Beat Goes On (MP3)

Sorry, Runaway Guys, but the reason why I put this one on the list is because it’s so long and boring, especially for a minigame!

13.Right Oar Left (MP4)

This minigame is literally impossible for human players, and the AIs are guaranteed to win. Never won this one.
12.MPIQ (MP3)

The AIs cheat on this one. They know what my best records are in mini games when I don’t know them. It’s so frustrating!

11.Bowser's Bigger Blast (MP2 and MP4)

I can’t believe this terrible minigame appeared in 2 Mario Parties! The reason I hate this one so much because it’s a LUCK BASED battle minigame, which means that you can lose coins.

10.Rakin' 'Em In (MP2)

The controls are so freakin’ delayed in this one, which makes it extremely frustrating.

9.Candlelight Flight (MP4)

The AIs are GODLY at this one, Which makes it impossible for the human player. It’s like the AIs can see in the dark!

8.Trace Cadets (MPDS)

The stupid DS can’t recognize the shapes I make with the stupid stylus! The AI is guaranteed to win.

7.Flip The Chimp (MP8)

I can never win this minigame because the motion controls are god-awful! They’re so delayed, too.

6.Get A Rope (MP5)

I hate luck based mini games like this one. You either survive, or DIE!!!!! What makes it worse is that it’s a duel minigame so you could even lose a STAR! Luck based duel mini games SUCK.

5.Pitifall (MP6)

It’s just like Get A Rope. You pick a rope, and you either survive or fall to your doom!

4.Bash 'N Cash (MP1)

This minigame REALLY REALLY SUCKS if you’re the solo player, because getting coins taken by your opponents is NOT a good feeling.

3.Paddle Battle (MP1)

You can either hurt your palm, or lose all your coins! What a very hard decision! I don’t like this one because it’s a minigame where you have to spin the joystick!

2.Pedal Power (MP1)

Another minigame that involves spinning the Nintendo 64 joystick. Now that’s painful!

Before we get to 1, let’s recap...

#20 was Honeycomb Havoc... (The game that ruins friendships!)
#19 was Slot Car Derby... (Impossible to beat Toad)
#18 was Bowser Toss... (Terrible at it!)
#17 was Crane Game... (Impossible when on a Team)
#16 was Awful Tower... (No wonder it's called "Awful" Tower)
#15 was Stage Fright... ("I HATE DIS GAME!")
#14 was The Beat Goes On... (Baza Baza Baza)
#13 was Right Oar Left... (Stupid AI!)
#12 was M.P.I.Q... (Mario Party Intelligence Quotient)
#11 was Bowser's Bigger Blast (Yes, Both Versions.)
#9 was Candlelight Flight (Hard to win on both sides)
#8 was Trace Cadets (UGH I CAN'T DRAW ANYTHING)
#7 was Flip The Chimp (MP8 wasn't as good anyways)
#6 was Get A Rope (Luck based minigames suck)
#5 was Pitifall (See "Get A Rope")
#4 was Bash 'N Cash (A nightmare for the solo player)
#3 was Paddle Battle (Oww, the joystick is hurting my palm!)
#2 was Pedal Power (AKA The Ghost Level)


1.Tug O' War (MP1)

OWW! MY *BLEEP* PALM! This minigame is famous for giving people physical injuries! I have to spin that stupid joystick unless I wanna lose coins! It gives me physical injuries.

PS: I also hate Mathletes from MP5, Sneak N Snore from MP2, Cut For The Team from MP8, Something's Amist from MP6 and Mecha Choice from MP9.

Now that is my list! Stay tuned for the top 20 best Mario Party minigames! Hope you enjoyed!

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