Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pictures I took in Italy and The Vatican in March of 2017.

Almost 3 months late, but here are my pictures I took in Italy and posted them on Instagram! It was the best spring break ever! These photos are for you guys who don't have or follow my instagram, which is julia_bayne.
 I even did my nails for the trip!
 Holding euros for the first time!
 Taking a selfie at the airport!
 The old apartments in Rome are kept in such good condition!
 Selfie in Rome. About to see all these beautiful sights!
This was taken in the Vatican, an enclave in Italy. I'm a proud Catholic who saw the pope! I even have a video!
 I even took a selfie at Murano, near the house color that matches my sweater!
At the leaning tower of Pisa, which is what I came for!
 Michealangelo's famous statue, the David. This was before censorship.
 In Florence. It looks beautiful, I added a sepia effect to it.
 My mom and I shopping in Florence. Keep in mind, this was a family trip!
 Under the Tuscan son. Tuscany is one of the most ancient cities in Europe.
 I took 4 pictures of the view of San Gimignano. It's such a breathtaking view!
 View #2.  This time it has a tree.
 View #3. Contains the balcony below it.
 View #4. I got gelato there, and it was the best gelato there was! My tip is to always go to what people say are the best places.
 At the cemetery where all the soldiers who died in World War II were buried. Very sad.
 The average age of the soldiers who died is 22. Talk about young!
 Me after an exhausted day going back home.
 Here's another ancient nude statue. This place is much more historical and interesting than America is.
 At the Vatican/Italy border. Imagine being born here!
 A view of the coliseum. I'm so excited to go there!
 Inside the Coliseum. My phone's battery was dying because of all the pictures and videos I took.
 The Spanish Steps. It is called that because it was actually the Spanish who built the steps.
 Trying Kinder eggs that are banned in America. However, we still allow guns! Kinder eggs are a popular treat in Europe and Canada.
 On the gondola in Venice. This was personally the part that I enjoyed the most!
 Here's 5 black and white pictures I took at the grand canal! This is shot #1!
 Shot #2. Makes me think of the Grand Canal Board in Mario Party 7.
 Shot #3. Venice is the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi, a very famous baroque composer.
 Shot #4. I usually went out in Venice because the hotel's wifi sucked and it hasn't been updated since the 90s. There was also no outlet near the bed. I had so much fun going out, seriously!
 And finally, shot #5. America is so Deja-vu, don't you think?
 Here's a close up of the tower in color, for all you color fans out there!
 The beautiful ancient buildings and boats in Venice!
 Boarding to Murano, or Burano. Whatever!
 Shot #1 of Murano. I can already see the beautiful colors!
 Shot #2 of Murano. FUN FACT: My mom's last name is Murano, which shows that here ancestors were from this place or close to this place.
Murano is so colorful! It's usually rich and old people that live in these colorful houses.

To save these pictures, just right click, and pick "Save As" and put it to whatever folder you want to! Another method is to simply drag the photos to the folder you want them to be in. (That's what I do!)

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