Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trip To Nashville

Isn't High School great? Even though I have to get up early, at least I get back home early!
Anyways, here are the pictures and videos I took in Nashville,  I had such a great time!
Heading to Nashville! I'm super excited!
 Got a baby bottle pop at the gift shop. I can't believe they still sell them!
 Me taking a selfie, whilst I'm wearing my $6 glasses from Big Lots.
 The good lunch I had!

View at the Grand Opry Hotel. I heard that it flooded in 2010.
 Zoom in of the Water fall, at Sparta, Tennessee.
 THIS IS MADNESS! Madness... THIS IS SPARTA! *kicks guy*
 This was at Fall Creek Falls, if you're wondering.
 I had problems downloading the other pictures so I just took screenshots from my Instagram page.
 Doesn't that look AMAZING?
 Oh, look at that!
 Raccoon at the indoor museum.
 "The Undergrowth Of Plant Life"
Another view of the waterfall.

 I felt so adventurous this trip. It's ok to be tomboyish once in a while!
 Was very dangerous, as it was near a cliff.
 Sorry that picture 15 wouldn't upload, so we have to skip that one!
After this shot, my mom dragged me back up because she didn't want me to fall to my death.
 A view from further away.
 The scenery is just so breathtaking.
 It literally took me 2 hours from the hotel to get here, and 2 hours to get back to the hotel.
Me holding my Gatorade, and Green Apple is one of my favorite flavours. I had so much fu taking pictures here!
 Entrance to the national park, about the civil war.
 This is where the soldiers battled during the civil war. Very interesting.
 Saw a Walmart blimp when I was there.
 The canons they used in the war.
 You can find multiple canons here!
 Look! Here's another one!
 The cemetery where all the soldiers were buried. Thousands of people died in the war.
 Many of those people were in their late teens or early 20s, but they really wanted slavery to end for good! They worked hard!
My mom and I took a selfie before we went to the concert.
 This was filmed at the Bridgestone Arena, and they started around 8:40.
 Adam sitting on the Robot from News Of The World!
 Not a very good shot, but the special effects were pretty cool.

It's funny because Roger now looks like Santa on all the other 364 days of the year.
 Who wants to live forever, the special effects are beautiful!
 Wow. Can't believe this guy is 70 already!
 Adam, love ya so much!
The closing. I couldn't sleep that night!
Here's some videos I posted to YouTube of some of the songs!
 Note that I only posted 2 of the songs, because other people have already uploaded more footage of the concert, of course!
Went to the suspension bridge, where my mom tripped on the ledge and fell into concrete.
 Luckily she was fine, but her knees were badly scraped for a few days. Ouch!
 View from the bridge, with a pretty river.
 Luckily, my mom recovered enough to take me to the Johnny Cash museum.
 A collection of Johnny Cash's singles. One of the greatest country singers of all time!
 I actually remember seeing the last music video he ever made, which was a few months before he died. It was a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt"
 Johnny Cash made some art too!
 A view of the records in the window. Camera couldn't show them very well.
 Some of the retro clothes used in the movie.
Here's me with Johnny! This is fake, of course! (Pics and vids not in order)
 The Tennessee state capital, with flags.
 I took these pictures from a trolley, kinda reminded me of the tour buses at Italy.
 Nashville's recreation of the Parthenon. We're not in Athens, god damn it!
 They recreate the columns very well though, I must say.
 Proof that porn has existed for thousands of years.
 Another view from the trolley. We went to a mall later and got some picks and jewellery!
 Here are the time capsules scheduled to be opened in 2096, the city's tricentennial. The view was ruined by the rain.
 The best view of the towers. We also went to the state museum!
 Me holding rock candy, which I found a lot of in Tennessee, but it's rare to find rock candy in Florida. (Except for Disney World)
 Going back home! Keep in mind, we got a direct flight to Nashville, and a direct flight back to Tampa. We later got Chinese for dinner.
Ah... Home sweet home... 
Well I hope you liked them! I might take more pictures later, but it depends on whether we're traveling or going some place cool. My family and I want to go to San Francisco next year!